TMK 200

TMK 200 ”Beaver”  tree shear is the newest addition to the TMK family. The Beaver’s small size and precise design structure makes the shear a good fit for tractor cranes, mini-loaders and small excavators. It will fit on 2 – 8 ton machines with the same bolt on bolt off process that is used for the TMK 300 tree shear. Brackets are made specifically for the machine that it will be used on and are available from NCD. 

The 200 tree shear is a real powerhouse, weighing only 165 kg without attachments and 255kg with attachments. It can cut 200 (it’s in the name)mm softwood trees comfortably and 180mm hardwood. 

Thanks to its light weight and strong capsular structure the TMK 200 is capable of a wide range of work from ditch clearances to forest thinning.  The custom shape blade keeps the big trees close to the grapple maximising the cutting force. The scissor-like cutting motion cuts neatly also the smaller bushes leaving a clean cut.

At this time the Collector and linkage is available for the TMK 200. TMK are working to create extension beams to go with the 200 “Beaver”. 

There are three cylinders available with the TMK 200 tree shear, Normal, Bigger and Turbo. The maximum pressure for the Normal cylinder is 250 bar, the Bigger and Turbo cylinder is 180bar. The recommended pressure for the Normal cylinder is between 180 – 250 bar and for the Bigger and Turbo cylinder is between 160 – 180 bar. 

The oil flow for the TMK 200 also depends on the cylinder. Bigger cylinder is 80 – 150 litres per minute, the Bigger cylinder is 100 – 150 litres per minute and the Turbo cylinder is 50 – 150 litres per minute. 

Demonstrations with the TMK 200 “Beaver” Tree Shear are available with NCD Equipment.