TMK 300

The TMK 300 is the original Tree Shear from  TMK and is the shear that started us all on this exciting journey, both for TMK and NCD. 

The TMK 300 has the widest attachment options of all TMK products, making it one of the most versatile shears on the market, it can be used with the Collector, Delimber, linkage and both the fixed and telescopic extension beams. 

It fits on machines between 5 to 20 ton giving the shear a great sense of flexibility to its users. NCD have had many agricultural and forestry customers with different size excavators that have been able to use the 300 on all their machines with the 300’s simple bolt on bolt off system.  Brackets are made specifically for each machine and are available from NCD.  

The 300 tree shear opens to a maximum of 730mm, it is capable of cutting 250mm hardwood and 300 (it’s in the name)mm of softwood. It’s weight without any attachments is 295kg which is why it is able to fit on the smaller machines, however its design and strength means that it is still capable of working well on the larger machines. It’s total weight with all available attachments is 800kg, please speak with NCD to establish if your machine is suitable for the attachments. 

The 300 tree shear can come with a choice if cylinders. Normal, Bigger and the Turbo Cylinder. The Maximum and recommended pressure for the Normal cylinder is 280 bar, for the Bigger and Turbo Cylinder is 220 bar. 

The oil flow recommended per minute for the Normal Cylinder is 80 -150, the Bigger Cylinder is 100  – 150 and the Turbo Cylinder is 50 – 150. 

Demonstrations of the TMK 300 are available. Please contact NCD for details.