TMK 400

The TMK 400 ”Big Boy” is the largest and strongest tree shear in the TMK family. It was developed to cut down Central Europe’s big trees, the power is produced in the custom made cylinders, of which allows the 400 tree shear to cut 400 (it’s in the name)mm softwood and 350mm hardwood. 

The TMK 400 “Big Boy “ fits on excavators between 10 to 30 tons. The shear opens to a  respectful 1070mm.  It’s light weight provides a great tool to cut down the smaller brush as well as the large logs. The strong capsular structure in the TMK 400 withstands the tensions of cutting down the big trees while only weighing 495kg (without attachments). The total weight with attachments is 630kg.

At this time the collector can be fitted the the TMK 400, however TMK are currently working on a hydraulic extension beam to go with the 400 tree shear so watch this space.  

There are 3 cylinders available with the TMK 400 tree shear, Normal, Bigger and Turbo. The Maximum pressure for the Normal cylinder is 250 bar, the Bigger and Turbo cylinder is180 bar. The recommend pressures for the Normal cylinder is between 180 – 250 bar and for the Normal and Turbo Cylinder is 160 – 180 bar pressure. 

The oil flow also depends on the cylinders. The Normal cylinder is 80 – 150 litres per minute, the Bigger Cylinder is between 100 – 150 litres per minute and the Turbo cylinder is 50 – 150 litres per minute. 

Demonstrations of the TMK 400 “Big Boy” tree shear can be arranged with NCD Equipment.