Hydraulic Extension Beam

It is the opinion of TMK that the Hydraulic extension beam is the choice of the professionals. 

Attached to the quick hitch, the hydraulic extension produces extra reach for the tree shears, without sacrificing their agility.  The extension beam is 2 meters long and extends a further 1.6 meters, given a total of up to 3.6 meters of extra reach (this does depend on the placing of the bracket).

Using the extension beam is simple, fast and easy. While designing the extension beam TMK kept in mind the features needed on such a machine when working on forest thinning and clearances. The heel of the extension beam is strengthened so that it can be used to help the excavator to move into challenging places. 

If you would like a demo of the TMK Tree Shear with the hydraulic extension beam or the extension beam on your current TMK 300 please contact NCD Equipment. 

The Hydraulic extension beam in currently only available with the TMK 300, but TMK are working to have one available for the TMK 200 and the TMK 400 so watch this space.