TMK’S Linkage brings more speed and versatility to the TMK Tree Shear’s use. Linkage was originally designed to speed up the working of the hydraulic extension beam but, now it enables the shear to be used on machines that do not have a feature to tilt the shear. 

The Linkage means TMK have created a system to allow the tree shears to be used with tractor cranes and harvesters. 

Linkage allows for the tree shear to tilt 165 degrees providing a wide movement, accompanied with a small enough cylinder to keep the motion fast. 

Linkage is attached to the shear with bolts. This means that it can be quickly removed and used on different machines if required. 

NEW. In co-operation with Palfinger TMK have made a linkage that fits directly to all EPSOLUTION series cranes.  For more information please contact NCD.

The Linkage is available with the TMK 200 & TMK 300 Tree Shears.