Modularis Multifunctional Universal Grapple

The Multifunctional universal grapple is an additional attachment for hydraulic excavators, different types of cranes and forestry cranes. The hydraulic driven rotation is 360°. Because of this feature every working position will be quickly and precisely reached. Due to the use of an above-average big slewing ring the Multifunctional universal grapple can work in horizontal working position under a high load and protect the excavator equipment from harmful damaging buckling effects.

The technical design has a closed and robust housing unit, so that the bearing of the grapple shells and the two cylinders are protected from outside dust. Allowing for a good force for the hydraulic cylinders and protects the grapple shells against deformation. It also guarantees an optimal distribution of the force on the shell’s lines of the grapple when closing. 

The closed housing helps to protect against oil leakage which in-turn is good for the environment. In addition to this the tubes use high technology coupling to minimise the chance of any oil leaks. All this combined makes the grapple environmental friendly, sustainable, and a powerful attachments to suit your needs. 

There are a number of attachments to fit the rotation so it is easy to find something that will suit the work you have. 

Please see the number attachments within our website and please contact NCD Equipment for more details or to arrange a demo.