TMK Tree Shear 

NCD Equipment are delighted to introduce the TMK tree shear to the forestry and farming industries of Britain.

Designed and manufactured in Finland, the TMK tree shearer quickly cuts and clears through hardwood and softwood vegetation. The shear casing is made of Hardox 400 steel with the blade being made of Hardox 500 steel. 

The unique design by Tenho Koponen creates a clean cut by gripping the tree and pulling it across a fixed blade. In the process it firmly secures the tree against a vee clamp so it can be lifted and placed safely.

NCD Equipment works closely with TMK to promote the use of TMK tree shears throughout Europe and beyond. TMK have now been selling their products into America and Canada. NCD Equipment are very excited as we have now sold TMK Shears to New Zealand with more due to leave the UK very soon. Nick now has dealers working with us based in South Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

The TMK tree shear is unique in terms of its design and performance, their range has expanded over the last year with the introduction of the TMK 200 and 400. Nick is always working with TMK to find ways to improve the range and consider new products. 

Quotes are created once customer requirements are established, depending on the size excavators they have to which shear they require. 

Finance is now available from NCD with the TMK 300 being available from £33 per week*

*subject to credit checks, and dependent on the total price of orders. 


Weighing only 300kg, the TMK tree shear is light enough, and compact enough to fit on a 5 tonne excavator, and strong enough to be used on a 20 tonne excavator. It’s easy fit, bolt on mounting brackets can be changed in minutes, allowing one TMK tree shear to be used on a number of different sized machines. It can also be mounted on telehandlers. The TMK tree shear can also be fitted with additional attachments to increase its flexibility further


The TMK tree shear is manufactured from Hardox 400 and the blade is manufactured from Hardox 500. The simple, compact design, coupled with the use of this steel, makes the TMK tree shear incredibly strong, which is why it can handle the power of bigger machines.

Cutting Ability:

The TMK tree shear cuts 250mm of hardwood and up to 300mm of softwood. It is powered by a single 125mm hydraulic ram requiring a minimum of 220 bar, but ideally 250 bar pressure from the auxiliary hydraulics. Auxiliary hydraulics also need to be double acting.

Additional Accessories

Additional attachments for the TMK Tree Shear help you to maximise your machine to its full potential.

The Extension beam

Extend your shearer by 90cm or 110cm from your excavator. This will help cutting across ditches and thinning out forests.

De-limber attachment 

De-limb straight trees where they stand. This attachment strips limbs without the need for additional hydraulics or any extra electric cables.


With a basic starting price of 5,000 Euros*, the TMK tree shear represents excellent value in terms of its performance, robustness and flexibility.

*Costs for mounting brackets, hydraulic hoses and delivery are in addition to this price, with final price depending on exact requirements.


See the results for yourself

TMK Tree Shear

Coppiced hedgerow cut down in January 2015.

This demonstrates the re-growth from the clean cut the TMK Tree Shear produces.

TMK Tree Shear

Hedge that had its top taken off to approximately 4ft, also demonstrating the re-growth from the clean cut the TMK Tree Shear provides.

TMK Tree Shear
TMK Tree Shear
TMK Tree Shear
TMK Tree Shear
TMK Tree Shear - Telescopic extension beam
Telescopic extension beam
TMK Tree Shear
TMK 300