How TMK Tree Shears Make Cutting Wood Easier

How TMK Tree Shears Make Cutting Wood Easier

We have previously written about the TMK Tree Shears and their capabilities to provide an all round tree clearing solution. Here are just four reasons how these tree shears make cutting wood easier.


All models within the tree Shear range are made from a high quality and abrasion resistant material called Hardox steel. This highly durable material allows the blade to slice through up to 400mm of softwood, and 350mm of hardwood. The cutting capabilities are dependent on the model, for example the TMK 200 can cut up to 200mm of softwood and 180mm of hardwood.


The TMK Tree Shear range have the impressive ability to adapt to individual’s needs.  A wide range of attachments are available for each model, with little to no extra power required. The shears are compatible with all common brackets and machines. Mini loaders, excavators (ranging from 2-30 tons) and Telehandlers (only compatible  with the TMK 300) all work well with the tree shear attached. All TMK Tree Shear models ease the task itself, and improve efficiency when it comes to a wide range of work. The shears can be used for:

  • Ditch clearances
  • Forest thinnings
  • Hedgerow management
  • Woodland management
  • Management of vegetation (including near to waterways, railways and roadways)
  • Clearance work.


Impressive attachments are available for each model. The most popular being the collector, saving time by allowing the user to cut down multiple trees at one time.

Two types of extension beams are also available for the TMK 300. The solid extension beam, fixed with bolt attached plates, enables the beam to be taken off easily, if it doesn’t suit the job at hand. This beam is only suitable for machines 8 tonnes and over.

The hydraulic extension beam is 2 metres long (unextended) but extends a further 1.6 metres, making it possible for the shear to gain an additional 3.6 metres in extra reach. The innovative design allows machines to fit into confined spaces whilst the extension is attached. The hydraulic extension beam is suitable for heavier machines, 13 tonnes and over.


The shears are surprisingly lightweight, despite their ability to endure stress from the largest excavators.

Weighing 165 kg, the TMK 200 can cut through up to 200mm of softwood. The TMK 200 is a great shear to use when cutting down large patches of smaller trees and bushes. The TMK 300 works great with Telehandlers and larger mini loaders, cutting through up to 300mm of softwood, while still weighing less than 300 kg. Designed to cut down large patches of big trees in central Europe, the TMK 400 weighs 535 kg.

All models cut with a scissor-like motion and leave a nice clean cut time and time again.


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