Paul Colloby in Cornwall (Testimonial)

I recently bought a TMK 300 tree shear from NCD.

I bought it for my 8 tonne JCB excavator as Nick advised me that the 300 TMK was the right shear for the size excavator I had.
Me and Nick were concerned about the oil pressure to the front of the JCB so both decided that the bigger cylinder ram was the better option for my JCB to be on the safe side, this allows the digger to operate the ram at a much lower pressure and I think puts less strain on the pump too and certainly doesn’t affect the shears performance.

When I first thought about getting a shear I was worried that maybe a cutting head would be better as I’d never heard of a shear and thought it couldn’t possibly do a neat job.

After hearing about them I did extensive research on them on YouTube looking at many brands however TMK shear caught my eye and looked a quality piece of kit so I made the phone call and spoke to Nick who was very helpful and knowledgeable and gave me all the reinsurance that I needed and confidence in the ability of the attachment.

So I made the purchase and when it turned out I wasn’t disappointed that looks very well-made and well presented and fit the digger no problem.

I couldn’t get out to try fast enough as soon as I approached the first tree I was worried that it would possibly be too heavy but it turned out that my digger cope with it fine it was no problem it cut the tree clean off a 9 inch branch and lovely clean cut, I was pleasantly surprised it looked like someone had cut it with a chainsaw.

One thing I also love is how it grabs the trees after it cuts them allows you to move them wherever you like in a safe manner. I don’t think it is the right tool for 1 to 2 inch branches as it can’t grip them fast enough, but certainly for branches of 4 inches and over it is a great piece of kit and everyone I work for says how fast it is to I can’t believe how much I clear in a day.

The very pleased with the work and say how much value for money you get with it. If you’re looking for a tree shear then I believe you will not be disappointed with NCD and there TMK tree shear.

One problem I had which was probably related to my digger rather than the attachment was the fact that they couplings were too small and I couldn’t get enough oil to the shear fast enough So I had half inch couplings and swap them for three-quarter inch couplings with half inch centres and touchwood it has solved the problem haven’t had a problem since. Happy to answer any questions that you may have.