Battle of the TMK Tree shears

Battle of the TMK Tree shears

At NCD Equipment we supply the whole TMK tree shear range; The Beaver, The Original and The Big Boy. All exceptional in their own way, but which one best suits you and your requirements?

TMK 200 – The Beaver

As its name suggests, the TMK 200 has the ability to slice through wood quickly and effortlessly.

Small size and precisely designed structure make this 165kg shear a good fit with tractors, mini loaders, and 2-8 ton excavators. The 10mm Hardox 500 steel blade, comfortably cuts through 200mm of softwood and the strong capsular structure can help with a wide range of work, from ditch clearances to forest thinnings. A custom shape blade allows trees to be kept close to the grapple while maximising cutting force. Scissor-like cutting motions leave a clean neat cut. Despite its smaller size, this tree shear is also excellent at clearing large patches quickly.

The collector attachment undoubtedly increases the productivity of the shear. This is why the collector is the most popular attachment for all of the TMK tree shears. The collector works automatically with an open-close motion to the point where the bunch is dropped. The collector allows the user to cut down multiple trees in one go. Trees are held firmly in its grip, until the bunch is released, enabling fast and comfortable working.

This attachment allows tasks to be carried out more efficiently, as the attachment is preventing the user from having to cut down one tree at a time, placing it on the ground and repeating.

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TMK 300 – The Original

The TMK 300 tree shear is where it all began for TMK. The OG tree shear is the most versatile on the market, fit for purpose on smaller machines while having the ability to endure stress from larger 20-ton excavators. High productivity makes this shear a perfect fit for professionals within the industry, and a great choice for small-scale users. A good clean cut is always ensured and the shear holds onto the tree after cutting. This shear can also be used on telehandlers.

Out of the whole TMK tree shear range, the TMK 300 has the widest attachment options, including 2 types of extension beams. The hydraulic extension  beam allows the shear to gain an extra 3.6 metres in length, while the solid extension beam is easily attached and removed, if it doesn’t suit the job at hand.

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TMK 400 – ‘Big Boy’

Designed to cut down big trees in central Europe, the TMK 400 is the largest and strongest product within the TMK tree shear family.

The force behind its strength are the cylinders, which allow the 15mm Hardox 500 steel blade to slice through 400mm of softwood and withstand pressure from 30-ton excavators.

The TMK 400 is a great tool for cutting down smaller brush as well as big logs. The shear opens a respectable 1070mm. With its strong capsular structure, this tree shear can withstand the tension of cutting down big trees, while still weighing less than 550kg.

With a telescopic cylinder, the TMK Turbo’s smaller cylinder works first keeping motion fast. When the smaller cylinder runs out of power, the larger cylinder takes over and begins working automatically. This allows for a continuous fast motion without sacrificing its strength. This cylinder is an excellent choice when working with tilt rotators, when reduced pressure doesn’t affect maximum cutting ability.

You’ll see a 15{3228cd95d37a6ec60af7f73b6b9c3d135ccb517c66d0a810eae00b17da2496a3} efficiency increase with the TMK Turbo cylinder.

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