Norcar machines are acknowledged by engineers and operators as the most rugged and versatile of their type. They are designed, precision-engineered in high integrity steel and manufactured to a higher specification than other comparable alternatives; all of which results in a longer working life. Our Miniloaders are available with a wide selection of tailor-made Norcar Attachments and Accessories; designed-engineered for virtually all kinds of requirement in the building, construction, quarrying, farming and eco-industries. Dedicated front and rear hydraulic power-feed attachments are another important feature.

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NCD Equipment Sole importer of the TMK tree shear in the UK

NCD Equipment remains the sole importer of the TMK tree shear in the UK but we are now delighted to have dealers based in South Wales, Scotland and Ireland who will be able to help you with your needs in their areas. We are also still travelling around the country for demonstrations and shows.

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TMK Tree Shear

Finnish craftmanship and meticulously tested structure ensure that TMK products will perform even in the toughest environments. Based on these factors we have produced a product family, which offers reliable and efficient tools from tractors to 30 ton excavators, and miniloaders to harvesters.

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With the Modularis, your machine will become multifunctional and more profitable. The construction is designed to completely protect the mechanism and hydraulic system. Due to the innovative KGL hydraulic Swivel Hydromotor and hydraulic system you can acheive a better grip and rotation as well as more precise control.

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Moorend tracks

The new Moorend Four-Track System is an advanced engineering alternative that delivers economic, ergonomic and environmental advantages compared with wheeled and two-tracked vehicles.

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Our Range of Products

TMK tree shear

NCD Equipment are delighted to introduce the TMK tree shear to the forestey and farming industries of Britain.


The Multifunctional universal grapple is an additional attachment for hydraulic excavators, different types of cranes and forestry cranes.


RABAUD offer the best quality in certified French machines.


Our range of Norcar Miniloaders, flexible and able to move in confined spaces without having to worry about protruding parts colliding with surrounding obstacles..

Moorend Tracks

The proven alternative to wheeled and two-tracks with improved off-road capability, reduced ground damage and ability work in weather conditions that wheels cannot.

the ncd story

The NCD team are growing our product range and excited for the future.

In 2017 the product range has grown for NCD Equipment with the arrival of the Modularis Mulltifunctional Unit which has a 360° rotation with a large selection of attachments that will not only be useful as agricultural equipment but also as construction equipment.

We are always happy to hear from new people, either enquiring about our products, offering us locations for demo sites and Nick is always happy to hear about new products that we can add to our range.

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At NCD we have produced a huge range of videos which demonstrate our products in action in various situations and environments.

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What Our Clients Say

I am pleased with the shear it works well on both my 5t and 13t machines offering good flexibility for reach or compactness. It is well built and hydraulic fittings all fitted and work well with the machines. It has allowed me to pick up more work with my diggers and offer a safer approach to managing trees and hedgerows round farmland and field boundaries rather than working from a cage with two men.

David Ditch - Norfolk

We are very pleased with our shear and it is now in constant use, you would be surprised what we use it for. The two reasons we bought the shear was when I saw it at a show I was impressed by its robust build, And the fact that Nick was willing to come out and demonstrate the unit so we knew it would work on our machine.

John Clayton - Owner of TMK Tree Shear. Professional Paddock Care

After researching different tree shears I approached Nick at NCD Equipment to ask about the TMK. Nick could not have been more helpful. While online the suggestions were that a TMK 200 would be best for a 5 tonne excavator Nick assured us that the TMK 300 we wished to buy would be fine. This has been in continual use since purchase, mainly thinning hardwood trees up to 12” diameter without any issues. One person is able to cut tree and lift it over trailer and cut again taking out all manual labour. It is doing the work of two chainsaw operators in half the time.

Next week we will attach a hydraulic tilt to this shear to allow us to clear laurel easily. Again Nick recommended the make and type to go for even though it did not come through NCD.

Gavin Mackie - Owner of TMK 300. Larchfield Estate

“We purchased a TMK Tree Shear from NCD Equipment and have been thoroughly delighted with its performance. We undertake clearance jobs for various clients and as such are often confronted with different types of material, the simple design coupled with powerful hydraulics and quality cutting blade ensures that we are never unable to complete a job. We would (and have) recommended this shear to competitors and friends”

Archie, Owner of TMK Tree Shear -

“Since the first time I saw Nicks demo video on facebook of the TMK tree shear I knew it was the right tool to get the most out of my digger. I was very pleased that Nick was happy to travel out to demo the shear to us he is a very helpful guy and a pleasure to deal with. The shear is used a lot on jobs from topping hedges, clearing trees off the side of the road, scrub clearance and forestry operations. Since owing the shear we have added the collector and this has made cutting small trees a lot quicker and being able to bunch them up ready for the chipper or to grab for burning. All in all we are very pleased with the TMK Tree shear and would recommend Nick Dinsdale and NCD equipment.
Thanks Nick …… Your amazing !”

Edward Mant EJM Tree services, Owner of TMK #300

“Having been looking for a tree shear for a while but without success in finding exactly what I wanted, I was delighted when I discovered the TMK Tree Shear imported and sold by the excellent Nick at NCD Equipment. Within a couple of days Nick came out to us and Demo’d the shear. I was so impressed with it that an order followed within a week. The shear has been brilliant and has barely been out of work in the six weeks that we’ve had it.
Thanks Nick…. A great bit of kit.”

Jeremy Curling, Proprietor, Jeremy Curling Fencing, Agricultural and Equestrian Contractors

After meeting Nick at LAMMA 2015, the TMK Tree Shear looked exactly what I was looking for as a replacement excavator mounted tree shear. The design was constructed to meet the needs of our operations.

Nick quickly organised a demonstration at our base and we ordered one immediately. The shear has been used for a wide variety of small and large scale jobs and reduces man power. The whole process from purchase to after sale care has been fantastic and we would not hesitate to recommend Nick and his range of products to anyone.

Thanks Nick, the shear makes a great addition to our range of excavator attachments.

Max Pickerill Director. Specialised Groundcare Ltd

We purchased a TMK Tree Shear last Autumn.  We have found a lot of use for it, and find it a very good piece of equipment.   We had a lot of overgrown hedges, which we have used the Tree shear on, and it makes a terrific job. Other clients of ours have been delighted with work we have done for them. We would highly recommend it.

Brain Sutton - Owner of TMK 300 Tree Shear. Warwickshire

The TMK 300 Tree Shear is a cracking bit of kit, that does the job well. I have managed to complete a lot of work with it and have been pleased with the results. It was a great purchase that will come in useful for many years to come.

Clive Evans - Owner of TMK 300 Tree Shear. Kidderminster

I recently bought a TMK 300 tree shear from NCD. I bought it for my 8 tonne JCB excavator as Nick advised me that the 300 TMK was the right shear for the size excavator I had.

I was very pleased with the work and say how much value for money you get with it. If you’re looking for a tree shear then I believe you will not be disappointed with NCD and there TMK tree shear.

Happy to answer any questions that you may have. Read more…

Paul Colloby in Cornwall – 07917114287 – Owner of TMK 300 Tree Shear

I am very happy with the TMK300 tree shear, it has been very reliable, extremely strong and built to last and it will be with us for a very long time.
I was also pleased with how reliable NCD Equipment Ltd where. The tree shearer turned up at the time it was meant to, which was great as it had to go straight to work and fitted straight on the machine.