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Some Of Our Frequently Asked Questions


I have a hammer line on my machine, is that double acting?

Not necessarily, some machines don’t have double acting hydraulics as standard. Double acting is where you can pressurise both hydraulic lines going down your boom. On the machines which do have double acting, there will be a switch in the cab or a leaver on the hydraulic valve block, quite often accompanied with a drawing of a breaker or a grab to denote what is single acting or double acting.

Can I cut branches off without having a hydraulic tilt mechanism?

Yes, you can crowd the tree shear back so it is facing 90º, allowing you to cut the branch. You need to be facing the branch to get the right angle, and we advise you cut the branch in two or three stages, rather than cutting the branch in one go, which may cause damage to your machines hydraulic lines.

Does the TMK tree shear cut and hold the trees you are cutting?

Yes, the TMK tree shear cuts and holds the tree or vegetation, providing it is within the cutting diameters of the shears capability. When cutting with the TMK shears the operator needs to ensure that the pressure is kept on, until the tree is securely held in the V clamp of the shear.

Are the blades replaceable?

Yes, the blades are replaceable. If the fixed blade needs to be replaced, this can be done by cutting out the damaged section and re-welding a new blade in its place, in the same way as can be done with excavator buckets.

Is there a lot of maintenance on the shear?

No, the shear is a really basic concept, having only four grease points, either end of the ram and two on the main axel pin. The blade needs to be kept sharp. Any notches will need to be buffed out. The best way to do this is with a flap grinding disc, however be careful not to put to much heat into the blade as this can weaken the steel.


Can I get a mulcher to fit my machine?

Swinging hammers and fixed tooth mulchers are available for 3-20t machines and also for skid steers and tractors units.

Is it available in swinging hammers or fixed tooth?

It depends on carrier size 

Do I need a drain line (third line)?

Yes this is standard across the majority of mulchers currently available on the market.

Does it come with a warranty?

Every Rabaud product comes with a 12 month manufactures warranty (exclusions apply).

Are Mulchers available with floating heads?


The answer is yes up to an including 8T carrier size.



Why Auger Torque?

Auger Torque is recognised as a global leading brand in earth drills, acknowledged for its innovation, development and quality products. All products come with a 12 month manufactures warranty (exclusions apply).

Which Earth Drill should I Choose?

Which Earth Drill should I Choose?

There are 4 factors that you have to take into consideration

  • Make and Model of machine
  • The Diameter you want to drill
  • The Depth you want to drill to
  • Ground type

You can find this information by viewing the brochure’s on our website.

View Brochure

What additional attachments can I attach on my Earth Drill?

AugerTorque have a verity of attachments available to fit your Earth Drill you can fit the following (depending on the model)

Auger flight, Stump planner, Log splitter, Mixing bowls.