What TMK Tree Shear Suits My Excavator?

What Machines / Excavators Can I Use A Tree Shear On?

What Machines / Excavators Can I Use A Tree Shear On?

Lets talk machines, Below we go though a few off the different TMK Tree Shear model offerings available and what machines they are suitable for to help you distinguish the right shear for your machine.

What Machines / Excavators Can I Use A Tree Shear On?


Well, TMK Tree Shears have 5 model offerings, the TMK 150, 200, 250, 300 & 400 Tree shears, the full range covers machines from 1 tonne up to 30 tonne, not just this TMK Tree Shears are also able to be used on an array of machines such as Tractors, mini loaders, skid steers, tele-handlers along with forwarder or big forest loader with the hanging options ( H Series. )

The TMK 150 Tree Shear is suitable for smaller excavators rated from 1 – 2 tonne and forest loaders with the hanging linkage.

The TMK 200 Tree Shear is suitable for slightly smaller excavators ranging from 2 – 8 tonne. It can also be used on forest loader or forwarder thanks to the hanging linkage.

The TMK 250 Tree Shear is only suitable for forwarders or big forest loaders, and is only available with the Hanging Tilt.

The TMK 300 Tree Shear is suitable for excavators, tele handlers or loaders, for excavators rated 5 – 20 tonne.

The TMK 400 Tree Shear is the largest option of tree shear, suitable for excavators from 10 – 30 tonne.


What do you require on your machine?


You will require a duel acting circuit on you machine in order to operate the tree shear as standard, once we are aware of the make and model of your machine and you have confirmed that a duel acting circuit is present we are then able to find the all the relevant spec on your machine and suggest the best cylinder setup to suit! The unique thing about the TMK Tree Shear is that there is the offering of the different cylinder options depending on the flow and pressures of your machine, TMK offer the HD Cylinder for cutting big trees with limited pressure. The patterned TMK Turbo Cylinder consisting of a smaller cylinder inside a bigger one the smaller cylinder is always activated first, and the bigger one only if there is not enough power, the TMK Turbo Cylinder can increase work efficiency by up to 15%!

More information on the TMK Cylinders can be found HERE!

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