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TMK Tree Shear Cylinders

The versatile cylinder options for main cylinders of the TMK Tree Shear allow you to adapt the shear to your existing machine, both in terms of cutting power and operating speed. Because of various cylinder options, the shear can be connected to just about any machine.

The same cylinder options are available for the TMK 200, 300 models and now TMK 400 models with the newly introduced TMK 400 HD Cylinder

Image showing all 3 options of the TMK Cylinders, Bigger Cylinder, HD Cylinder & Turbo Cylinder
An image showing the TMK Bigger Cylinder

Bigger cylinder

TMK 200, 300 & 400


When TMK first exported their tree shears, they received feedback that the shears were lacking in power. They then quickly learnt the pressures used outside Finland were often lower, and the timber was harder, therefore the bigger cylinder was created operating at a lower pressure.

An image showing the TMK HD Cylinder

HD cylinder

TMK 200, 300 & 400


The HD cylinder is a powerhouse for small machines in particular. When a big tree needs to be cut with limited pressure, the HD cylinder is just what you need. It can operate efficiently at up to 180 bar, even with larger trees.

An image showing the TMK Turbo Cylinder

Turbo Cylinder

TMK 200, 300 & 400


TMK Turbo is a patented cylinder consisting of a smaller cylinder inside a bigger one. The smaller cylinder is always activated first, and the bigger one only if there is not enough power. This arrangement harnesses the speed of the small cylinder and the power of the large cylinder. TMK Turbo will increase your work efficiency by up to 15%.

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