TMK 150 Excavator Tree Shear For 1 - 2 Tonne Machines

TMK 150 Tree Shear

Clear Image Of The TMK 150 Tree Shear

TMK 150 Tree Shear

TMK’s latest product is the TMK 150 tree shear that can be used even with smaller excavators or forest loaders. Fitted on an excavator weighing just 85 kg without a bracket, with a hanging linkage designed for forest loaders it weighs 110 kg without the rotator. The 150 is an extremely efficient way to use even smaller excavators for tree work in smaller environments.


This powerhouse weighing just 85 kg, can easily cut trees 150 mm in diameter.

Specifications for the TMK 150 Tree Shear



The 150 gives a great deal of power in a small package. Now excavators weighing less than 2 tonnes and also smaller forest loaders can be used for efficient chopping of wood and brush. The TMK 150 has been designed to operate at 180 bar meaning even with a small forest loader, you can cut 150 mm trees.


The smallest model in the product family it also has the unique capsular structure along with a 8 mm blade made of high-quality Hardox 500 steel.


Fitted to a forest machine, the shear is equipped with a hanging linkage that can be attached directly to the forest loader’s rotator. The linkage can be pressure-controlled or radio-controlled.


Fuel prices being what they are today, fuel efficiency is very important therefore the less extra weight you have at the end of the boom, the less fuel you consume. The TMK 150 is a top product in the market in terms of weight, cutting capacity & thereby fuel efficiency.  Simple is beautiful.

Part of the Fixed & Hanging series of products

Fixed & Hanging Series Icons




As the TMK 150 is still the newest of the product ranges and so small in size the only available attachment at this time is the TMK Hanging Linkage.


The linkage has a turning radius of more than 165 degrees guaranteeing a good range of motion. The sufficiently small cylinder ensures that the linkage moves quickly.


Part of the “H” Series

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