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4 Reasons to use Tree Shears

4 Reasons to use Tree Shears

4 Reasons to use Tree Shears

When it comes to clearing trees, the TMK tree shear range proves as an exceptional method. Smooth cuts are ensured time and time again, whatever job they are used for. Here are 4 important reasons why you should use a TMK tree shear.

1. Damage to the Tree

There are multiple factors that lead to the decay of a tree. Fungal diseases, infection, strong winds, harsh weather conditions or being struck by lightning are to name a few. When the damage is beyond repair, clearing the trees is the best option, before they become a danger to humans and other trees. In this case, a TMK tree shear can remove the tree in a matter of minutes before they become a danger. The collector attachment will allow the user to clear a tree quickly and safely by breaking down the tree in multiple stages.

2. Damage to Other Trees

When a tree becomes infected with insects or disease, other surrounding trees are also at risk. To prevent the spread of infection, a diseased tree should be cleared before healthy trees are affected. If not, you could end up with a large cleared patch of land. A tree knocked down by another in harsh weather conditions can also affect its neighbours, in the case of strong winds, a tree could potentially knock down or seriously damage another in its path, here both trees will need removing. In this case, the TMK tree shears along with the linkage attachment, have the ability to tilt the shear 165 degrees to clear the tree from any angle.

3. Growth of Trees

Often seen as a positive thing, tree growth can cause unnecessary problems. A tree can become too large for its place, may be blocking the view from a window, or simply create too much shade. Other than for aesthetic reasons, tree growth can become dangerous, a tree may begin to lean in a direction that can pose a threat in the future, therefore, eliminating the problem early is worthwhile. TMK tree shears fit on all common brackets, so no matter what machine you use, the shear can help you with your tree problem.

4. Health of Trees

A tree is more commonly removed because it is dead, or action may be taken if the tree is unhealthy. When a tree begins to wilt, its showing signs of stress from too much or too little sunlight, or the beginning of a disease. Dead or broken branches are an easy way for insects and infections to enter a tree. The delimber attachment available for the TMK tree shear can remove branches in seconds.

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