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Farmi Cranes

Farmi’s efficient cranes are designed for demanding forest harvesting, but they are also suitable for general agricultural use.


Farmi’s crane range always includes a model optimized for the customer’s needs. Good lifting performance, sufficient reach and excellent durability – Farmi Forest loaders have a long service life.


there are 7 different crane models available as of now, configurable with Farmi’s range of timber trailers.

Image Showing The Farmi Cranes & Grapple

CR24 Crane

The CR24 loader is the smallest Farmi loader model with a reach of 4.2 meters. Crane lifting power in 4 meters 570kg, 540kg in maximum reach.

CR36 Crane

CR36 maximum reach 6.1 meters and gross lifting torque 33kNm. Lifting power 580kg 4/m, 350kg in maximum reach. Rotator CR305. Can be paired with the Farmi FT9 Timber Trailer

CR47 Crane

A powerful, high-performance and lightweight loader designed to be ultra-low to the ground. With a reach of 6.9 m, a gross lifting torque of 46 kNm & turning force of 12 kNm.

CR59 Crane

The CR59 is a new Farmi crane model with a double extension & a reach of 8.5 meters. The gross lifting moment is 55 kNm (190 bar)/63 kNm (215 bar). Turning force 19 kNm, loader lifting force 4m / 710kg, maximum reach 315kg.

CR67 Crane

The CR67 is a powerful and high-performance loader. The loader has a reach of 7.1 m, a gross lifting torque of 67 kNm and a turning force of 19 kNm. Can be paired with the FT11 Timber Trailer from Farmi.

CR69 Crane

Powerful and high-performance loader with 8.5 m reach, 67 kNm gross lifting torque and 19 kNm turning force. The CR69 crane has a lifting force of 4 m / 870 kg, with a maximum reach of 390 kg.

CR89 Crane

The CR89 is a powerful and high-performance 2-extension loader. Loader reach 9 m, gross lifting torque 75 kNm and turning force 19 kNm.

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