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The Farmi FT11 Trailer

The FT11 is well suited for transporting energy in addition to thinning wood. It is agile to move in the tight spaces of a thinning forest. As standard, the 500/55-17 ELS tractor pattern tire is used therefore the width of the wagon is only 229 cm. As an option 400/55-22.5 – tire.


The FT11 can be purchased first without 4WD hardware, as the 4WD can be retrofitted later as an option on the same base wagon. However, at the time of purchase, it is worth choosing a tire suitable for roller traction.


When the amount of wood transported is more than a thousand k-m3 per year, the FT11 is the right choice for a timber trailer. The carrying capacity of the 1-beam wagon is 11 tons. The length of the load compartment is 4.0 m and the load area is 2.4 m2. The standard package includes 3 pairs of bunks, movable bulk bunks and a bogie bunk. Special steels have been used in the manufacture as much as possible.

Optional Accessories

  • Rack for chainsaw, axe and combi tank
  • Road traffic equipment (includes LED lights, stickers and wheel stoppers)
  • Operator stand
  • Biomass box
FT11 Trailer Clear

The Farmi FT11 Timber Trailer can be paired up with 3 different model options, the CR59, CR67+, CR69+,

The CR59 is a new Farmi crane model with a double extension and a reach of 8.5 meters.

The CR67 is a powerful and high-performance crane, with a reach of 7.1 m

The CR69+ is a Powerful and high-performance crane with 8.5 m reach.

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