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The Farmi FT13 Timber Trailer

The standard package includes 3 pairs of bunks, movable bulk bunks and a bogie bunk. The length of the load compartment is 4.7 m and the load area is 2.4 m2. Special steels have been used in the manufacture as much as possible.


The FT13 Trailer can be purchased first without 4WD hardware, as the 4WD can be retrofitted as an option to the same base wagon later. The tractive forces are the same as in the FT11 4WD wagons – 1.7 kN with tractor hydraulics and 1.9 kN with its own hydraulic unit. The trailer always has an 8-bolt hub and 550/45-22.5 ELS tractor pattern tires as standard.

As an alternative tire, there are 600/50-22.5.


The trailer is equipped with hydraulic or compressed air brakes on either two or four wheels. A frame extension (1.0 m), additional bunks and road equipment are also available as accessories.

Optional Accessories

  • Rack for chainsaw, axe and combi tank
  • Road traffic equipment (includes LED lights, stickers and wheel stoppers)
  • Operator stand
  • Biomass box
Farmi FT13 Trailer

Compatible with the CR89 Crane, the biggest available in the Farmi range with a range is 9.0 m, gross lifting moment 75 kNm and turning force 19 kNm.


The CR89 is a powerful and high-performance crane with two extensions.

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