Farmi Forest FT9 Timber Trailer - NCD Equipment

FT9 is Farmi’s best-selling log trailer model for the transport of tree thinnings and firewood.


The carrying capacity of the agile and durable single-beam trailer is 9 tonnes. The trailer’s standard equipment includes 3 bolster pairs and is only 212cm wide with 400/60-15.5 tyres. Thanks to its strong and correctly proportioned steering system, the trailer will not fall down even when empty.


The FT9 log trailer has movable bolsters and bogie frame with a ratchet mechanism and hoops for securing loads. The carefully planned and designed load compartment ensures balanced operation, whatever the conditions.

Optional Attachments

  • Rack for chainsaw, axe and combi tank
  • Road traffic Kit (includes LED lights, stickers and wheel stoppers)
  • Biomass box
  • Operator stand
FT9 Clear

The FT9 Timber trailer can be paired up with the CR36 & CR47 Cranes, CR36 maximum reach 6.1 meters and gross lifting torque 33kNm.


And the CR47 is a powerful, high-performance and lightweight crane designed to be ultra-low to the ground. The crane has a reach of 6.9 m, a gross lifting torque of 46 kNm


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