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Clear Image Of The GRX Sorting Grab


GRX Sorting Grab


Maximum flexibility and exceptional performance for mini and midi excavators in the weight range 3-13 t.


GRX with its flexible universal hole pattern, is built for tilt rotators with angled excavator attachments, direct mounting of RMR compact rotators and for Intermercato WDR worm drives.


The GRX series is made of steel from SSAB. The body is made of Strenx® high-strength structural steel 700, the claws of Hardox® 450 wear-resistant steel.
This brilliant combination of materials gives GRX maximum strength and ideal weight.


The bodies of all GRX grabs are bent in one piece. No unneccessary weldings.


All GRX grabs of a certain size share the same body, guide bars, shafts and cylinder.

  • Bent body in Strenx® 700 high strength structural steel
  • Claws in Hardox® 450 wear-resistant steel
  • Check valve and accumulator optional on GRX 20 and 25
  • Wide, bent safety sheet metal in Strenx® 700 under the body

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