Auger Torque Hedge Trimmer - NCD Equipment



The Auger Torque hedge trimmer is the perfect addition for excavators (1.5 – 8T) and offers a variety of motor sizes to suit your application.


Attaching the hedge trimmer to an excavator provides extra-long cutting reach, gaining access to those taller trees, deeper hedges and hard to reach shrubbery, also ideal for cutting long grass and brush.


Attaching the optional tooth extension bar provides a full 2.5m cutting length, helping you make trimming more precise, efficient and will provide yet another way to expand the versatility of your existing machines.

Auger Torque Hedge Trimmer


Low Maintenance

Extreme Durability

High Performance

Neat & Accurate

Replace individual cutting teeth

Suits 1.5-8T Excavators

Bar Length 1.5m

Extension Length 1.0m

Variety of motor sizes

Max cutting Ø 40mm