Rabaud Hydraulic Post Pointer - NCD Equipment
Rabaud Post Driver


Hydraulic Post Pointers


> 3 models adaptable on tractor 3-point linkage (hydraulic PTO unit in option).


> Points all sorts of posts (round or split) and all sorts of woods (chestnut, blac-wood, oak, pine…) up to 350 mm diameter (depending on the model).


> Quick pointing of 2 sides of the post in the same time on the wood direction thanks to the 2 blades.


> Points 4 sides in only one movement on QUADRIFACE 250 (4 blades).


>The blades are sharp and made out of hard-wear steel.


> Automatic blade start with the self-supported post (on BIFACE 240 & 350RABAUD Exclusivity – Unique on the market.


> Mechanical adjustment of the pointing angle (length) and of the final point section according to the post diameter.


> Safety of the blades supports.