Rabaud Kindling Machine - NCD Equipment

Kindling Machine



> For all wood types (hard, soft, round…)


> Max. length 200 mm (min. 160 mm) and max. diameter 250 mm.


> Very sturdy feeding conveyor with adjustable forwarding speed (hydraulically)


> Splitting wedge with 5 Ton power


> Adjustable thickness of sticks from 20 to 80 mm.


> Wood bagging in BULK or NEAT.


> Very good packing thanks to the rotative bags unit (4 bags max.)
Possibility to use bags of 20 L or 40 L.


> Feeding entrance 1500 mm long


> Max. productivity: 2.4 m³/h = 120 bags of 20 L per hour or
60 bags of 40 L per hour


> Drive through electric single phase or three-phase motor or thermal engine KOHLER 9.5 HP or tractor (pump or PTO)

Rabaud Kindling Machine

Optional Attachments

Kindling Machine Attachment 1

Drive: single-phase or three-phase electric drive / petrol engine (9.5 HP) / tractor pump or PTO 430 rpm

Kindling Machine Attachment 2

Rotary bagging unit 4 bags

Kindling Machine Attachment 3

Discharge spout for piled-up bagging

Kindling Machine Attachment 4

Kit support + waste tray + receiving table

Kindling Machine Attachment 5

Time meter for electric machines

Kindling Machine Spec