MultiOne 1 Series Mini Loader | Compact & Ultra Manoeuvrable

MultiOne 1 Series

MultiOne 1 Series

The MultiOne 1 series is a compact and highly manoeuvrable mini loader. Zero-turn steering system allows easy manoeuvring even in the tightest spaces.


The 3WD hydraulic transmission with pedal control ensures smooth riding on any terrain. The DBS traction system can provide maximum traction when needed or be switched off to avoid damaging the ground when changing direction.

1 Series Features-1

Model Specifications 1.1


What are the differences between MultiOne 1 Series models. Take a look at the main specification below


M1 - Ergo Seat Web

Ergonomic Seat

With adjustable position assures high comfort for the operator

M1 - 3 Lines Web

3 Lines Quick Coupling

Flat-face couplings designed for avoid leak oil during connection and disconnection.

M1 - 4 Function Joystick Web

4-Function Joystick

Allows an easy control of the machine.

M1 - Self Level Boom Web

Boom With Self Leveling

Keeps the load levelled to the ground, preventing the operator from continuously correcting the position with the joystick.


With over 170 attachments to choose from, these mini loaders can quickly transform into specialised tools for various tasks. Need to move materials? Attach the bucket or the fork attachment. Want to dig or level the ground? The digger or the grading blade attachment will do the job. Need to mow your lawn? Simply attach the mower deck. The possibilities are endless.


Take a look at the most popular attachments for the MultiOne 1 Series Mini Loader Here 

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