MultiOne 11 Series | Best In Class Compact Loader

MultiOne 11 Series

MultiOne 11 Series

Best in class Compact Loader in terms of lifting capacity and height! Light overall weight allows it to be transported on a 3.5 tonne plant trailer.


The new MultiOne flagship. The new market benchmark. The and 11 Series come equipped with all the new amazing MultiOne features like OneDrive, cruise control, ACI and indestructible body panels. Plus the 11 Series sets new standards in terms of performance, high speed, tipping load and lifting height.


The best multifunctional Compact Loader in its class.

2 Seires Features1
11 Series

Model Specifications 11 Series


What are the differences between MultiOne 11 Series models.. Take a look at the main specification below




M1 - Torque Divider Web

Torque Divider

It acts on all four wheels simultaneously to attain maximum performance. Traction even on impossible grounds with mud or snow.

M1 - Top speed Web

Two Speed

Electro-hydraulic speed regulation.

M1 - DBS Web

DBS ( Dynamic Block System )

DBS is a device that operates as a differential. When active, the vehicle, when steering, leaves no trace on the ground (ideal for green care). Particularly suitable for use on uneven surfaces.

M1 - Ergo Heated Seat Web

Ergonomic Heated Seat

Ideal for cold climates, it significantly increases the comfort of the machine.

M1 - 3 Lines Web

3 Lines Quick Coupling

Flat-face couplings designed for avoid leak oil during connection and disconnection.

M1 - 11 Function Joystick Web

11-Function Joystick

The 11-function electronic joystick allows an easy and precise control of the boom and attachments.

M1 - SL Double H Telescopic Boom Web

Self Levelling Double H Telescopic Boom

It conveys extreme strength and high visibility of the load, allowing for a greater lifting capacity.

M1 - Working Lights web

Front Working Lights

2 front working lights to illuminate the working area.

M1 - Hydraulic MultiConnector Web

Hydraulic Multiconnector

The hydraulic multiconnector is a innovative coupling system for front attachments that allow the connection of the hydraulic lines in a few seconds without stress.

M1 - Hydraulic Oil Cooler Web

Hydraulic Oil Cooler

An advanced system for cooling the hydraulic circuit oil.

M1 - ROPS - FOPS lvl1 Web


This structure is tested and certified in accordance with ISO 3449 and protects the operator against falling objects.

M1 - LCD Graphic Display Web

LCD Graphic Display

LCD graphic display with programmed service (tachometer, hour meter, fuel gauge, maintenance light, light indicator and other 14 indicators).

M1 - Intergrated Counterwait

Intergrated Backweight

Integrated backweights are used to increase the lifting capacity of the machine. They are to be mounted inside the machine.

M1 - Radial Piston Wheel Motor Web

Radial Piston Wheel Motor

High performance, high torque cam-lobe radial-piston hydraulic motors.

M1 - Parking Brake W

Multi-Disk Parking Brake

Multiple Disc Brakes spring loaded and hydraulically released.


With over 170 attachments to choose from, these mini loaders can quickly transform into specialised tools for various tasks. Need to move materials? Attach the bucket or the fork attachment. Want to dig or level the ground? The digger or the grading blade attachment will do the job. Need to mow your lawn? Simply attach the mower deck. The possibilities are endless.


Take a look at the most popular attachments for the MultiOne 11 Series Mini Loader Here 

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