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Tired of always having to change attachments when doing excavator work? Or maybe you want to do more varied contracting work? The TMK MultiGrab is an excellent multipurpose solution for both heavy-duty clearing and work requiring more precision.


There are currently two models available:  The MultiGrab S, optimised for excavators of between 6 and 10 tonnes, and the MultiGrab M, optimised for excavators of between 13 and 25 tonnes. TMK are also developing the MultiGrab L, for excavators over 30 tonnes.


When designing the TMK MultiGrab, the main criteria was to have as big of a range of motion as possible for the moving grapple. This enables the tool to lift even the bigger objects, rake efficiently without having the grapple block the view to the tines, and still being able to close the grapple so tight that even small planks at the demolition sites can be grabbed firmly.

Image Showing Both Models Of TMK MultiGrabs

And this was not enough, TMK also wanted to have an accurate, tweezer-like way to grab and move the objects. Now it’s possible to squeeze an object between the tines of the main frame and the grapple without having to fear that the objects would fall from the grip.

The TMK MultiGrab Range


Whatever the task, the TMK MultiGrab is up to it! Demolition work, boulder movement, sorting, stump puller or raking The MultiGrab makes light work of heavy loads while still being able to carry out precise work.


TMK use Hardox 400 & 500 steel in the manufacture of the TMK MultiGrab, as it is the best and most durable steel on the market.


The TMK MultiGrab has a single, 180-degree opening grapple, which makes the fixed frame extremely strong. For this reason, the TMK MultiGrab can withstand a lot more torsion and other force it is subjected to


Thanks to the versatile attachments and the grapples range of motion, TMK MultiGrab is an exceptionally versatile multipurpose grab. Now available with 360º Rotation.

TMK MultiGrab S

TMK MultiGrab S

Suitable for 6 – 12 Tonne Machines

  • The TMK MultiGrab S weighs 400 kg and is suitable for 6-12 tonnes machines. Equipped with a TMK Rotator, the grab weighs 540 kg


  • At the moment the TMK MultiGrab S-F ( Fixed ) is available with two different frame widths – Standard at 840 mm wide and weighs 400 kg without a coupler & TMK MultiGrab S-F+ with a wider frame model & two Extra Tines at 1244 mm wide and weighs 480 kg ( Rotation Options Available )

TMK MultiGrab M

TMK MultiGrab M

Suitable for 12 – 25 Tonne Machines

  • The TMK MultiGrab M weighs 840 kg and is suitable for 12-25 tonnes machines. Equipped with a TMK Rotator, the grab weighs 980 kg.


  • With Fixed and Rotating models available, the TMK MultiGrab M-F ( Fixed ) is 1440 mm wide and weighs 840 kg & TMK MultiGrab M-R ( Rotating ) is 1440 mm wide and weighs 980 kg.

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