Rabaud Vibrating Post Driver Range - NCD Equipment

Vibrating Post Driver for Mini Excavators

> Adaptable on mini excavator or backhoe loader.
RABAUD offers adaptations on automatic coupling or quick-fit coupling of all brands.


> Drives posts of all sorts, in all grounds without adjustment.


> Excellent accuracy: the post is held during the work.

Simple use.


> Strongly-built striking head, wrought, machine-finished and processed, Ø 150mm.


> Adjustable power: does not damage the posts.


> VIBRESCOPIC 35/95 PRO. Allows the handling of bundles of posts and helps placing them into the ground.

Vibrating Post Knocker Spec

Optional Attachments

Holder Attachment
Pre-hole bar with hydraulic extraction
Attachment Driver
Support for metal cover head & Metal cover head to be defined depending on the type of your posts
Tilting cylinder only for telescopic/front loader coupling (+/- 20°)
Post lifting grab
Storage stand (for VIBRESCOPIC 15/35 & 35/55)
Splitter Attachment
Hole bar alone – 1300 mm length
Post Driver

Vibrating Post Driver for Telescopic, Mini Excavators and Backhoe Loaders

> Adaptation on telescopic, front and compact loader.


> RABAUD offers a hitch according to your carrier.


> Hydraulic tilting +/- 20° in option.


> Exceptional precision: the stake is guided all along the ramming process.


> Sturdy, forged, milled and processed striking head, Ø 150 mm (Ø 120 mm optional)


> The machine does not damage the poles, since the power is regulated.


> Integrated storage stand.

  Optional Attachments

Optional Attachment 1 VPD

      Tilting cylinder for telescopic

VPD Spec