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Farmi Chippers

Farmi’s extensive wood chipper range includes models that meet the demands for both bioenergy and landscaping applications. Farmi chippers have been designed with ease of use, productivity and, of course, safety in mind.


The chippers are available as manual feeders and crane feeders.

Image Showing The Farmi Chipper


The CH10 wood chipper has a sturdy structure despite its light size.


The CH18 disc model is a small & efficient machine for wicker, branches and tree crowns


The CH27 wood chipper enables you to produce clean chip at a consistent quality


The productivity, safety and comfort of the CH27 chipper have been taken to a new level


Using the Farmi three-stage chipping technology to produce high-quality and uniform woodchip.


The CH38 chipper is designed for efficient and professional bioenergy chipping

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