TMK 360º Rotator | For TMK 200 & TMK 300 Tree Shears

TMK 360° Rotator

TMK Tree Shears & MultiGrabs With 360° Rotation


The Newly Introduced TMK 360 degree rotator, available for both TMK 200 & TMK 300 Tree Shear models & now for “S” & “M” MultiGrabs, part of the all new R Series of products. This highly requested addition will allow you to access those awkward place that the static shear may not be able to reach.


The new rotation kit can be fitted to all variants of TMK 200 / 300 tree shears ( Bigger Cylinder, HD Cylinder & Turbo Cylinder ) and can be retro fitted to your existing shear with ease!

You are also able to retro fit the 360 rotator to your existing MultiGrab.


Videos coming soon of the Multigrabs & Tree Shears in action so keep a look out



TMK R Series Logo
Clear Image Of The TMK Tree Shear Rotator
MultiGrab 360 R
  • The TMK 200 Tree Shear

    The TMK 200 Tree Shear, Suitable For 2 - 8 Tonne Machines

  • The TMK 300 Tree Shear

    The TMK 300 Tree Shear, Suitable For 5 - 20 Tonne Machines

  • TMK MultiGrab S

    The MultiGrab S, optimised for excavators of between 6 and 10 tonnes

  • TMK MultiGrab M

    The MultiGrab M, optimised for excavators of between 13 and 25 tonnes

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