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Farmi Timber Trailers

About Farmi Trailers

Multi-purpose log trailers for tractors and timber trailer combinations, awarded in many different tests, meet many demands, including those of forest harvesting professionals and the forest owners as well as farmers.

Farmi Timber Trailers are durable, agile and stable, also on difficult terrains. Farmi log trailers are known for their outstanding usability, functionality and durability.

The trailers have been calibrated so that their own weight is proportional to the size of the load compartment. This ensures making smooth progress, also when the trailer is loaded

There are currently 4 models offering of Timber Trailers from Farmi, from 7 tonne – 13 tonne capacity variants along with an array of crane options to suit every model.


Farmi Trailers, Available at NCD Equipment

Image Showing The Farmi Timber Trailers
FT7 Timber Trailer

FT7 Timber Trailer

7 Tonne Load Capacity

The Farmi FT7 Timber Trailer is the smallest model in the range. It has a load capacity of 7 tonnes and a load area of 1.5m2.


Can be paired up with both the CR24 & CR36 Crane models.

FT9 Timber Trailer

FT9 Timber Trailer

9 Tonne Load Capacity

The mid range Farmi FT9 Trailer is agile and durable, the 1-beam trailer has a carrying capacity of 9 tons.


Can be paired up with both the CR36 & CR47 Crane models

FT11 Timber Trailer

FT11 Timber Trailer

11 Tonne Load Capacity

The FT11 log trailer is an excellent fit for the transportation of energy wood and tree trimmings. The trailer’s carrying capacity is 11 tonnes.


Can be paired up with the CR59, CR67+, CR69+ Crane models

FT13 Timber Trailer

FT13 Timber Trailer

13 Tonne Load Capacity

When you transport large loads of timber each year, FT13 is the right choice for your timber trailer. The single-beam trailer’s carrying capacity is 13 tonnes.


Can be paired with the CR59, CR67+, CR69+, CR89 Crane models

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