The TMK Tree Shear – Authentic and Original

The TMK Tree Shear was first created nearly 10 years ago, when Tenho Koponen became frustrated with the lack of tree shears on the market that would suit the management of the trees on his land in his native Finland. It was this very frustration that inspired him to create a shear that would fit on a range of machines and hold the tree once it had been cut. Through trial and error eventually what we now know as the TMK 300 was born. Over time the TMK 300 evolved into the shear we sell today. The TMK 200 and 400 arrived, along with a range of accessories to compliment the shears with specific jobs, making everything easier for the user. These include the Turbo Cylinder, extension beams, collector, delimber and the all new Brush Blade, which has just been launched.

With the success of the TMK range it was inevitable that others would copy the shear, something that both TMK and us here at NCD have seen it as a compliment, after all who would copy something that was rubbish? But we do want to make sure that you are all aware of how to recognise a TMK shear and why we feel it’s still the best shear on the market. TMK’s distinctive logo, the black wording of ‘TM’ with the yellow ‘K’ which merges into a tree shear can be found on all their shears. The shears themselves have a black body, a yellow grapple, made with Hardox 400 grade steel. Each shear comes with it’s serial number and CE Approval screwed to the shear, and a years warranty. They are durable and versatile, while requiring little maintenance. Each shear can fit on a wide range of excavators, with the TMK 300 HD Shear also suiting Telehandlers.

TMK prides themselves on listening to customer feedback, then adapting their shears where necessary. The blade was original only 10mm think, with 1 edge chamfered; all the shears now come with a 12mm double chamfered blade, all of which is made of Hardox 500 grade steel. The blades are now curved, which provides an increased cutting area, ensuring the tree cannot slip along the blade, and produces a cleaner cut.

TMK have also put a lot of effort into research and development of the hydraulic cylinders that they use on their shears, the standard cylinder, the heavy duty cylinder, and the patented Turbo cylinder. This means that we are now able to tailor each shear to the requirements of the customer where hydraulic pressure and hydraulic oil flow are an issue.

By having these different hydraulic cylinder options we can be confident that there is no compromise on the cutting ability of the tree shear on excavators that have a reduced hydraulic pressure and flow output. TMK also have 10 years of engineering/operator experience with the shear, not to mention the many years of experience that Tenho had before he created the TMK range. His intention was to create shears and attachments that help operator complete their jobs, to the highest standard with no compromise in efficiency. TMK Shears are designed by an operator for operators.

We at NCD Equipment regularly provide TMK with feedback, not only from our customers but from our own operator experience. We share TMK’s passion for providing the most suitable shear to our customers, and in our opinion this is why you should choose a TMK over any of the copies currently on the market.